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experience the difference.


why holy?

Holy is a brand that believes in embracing its differences. Our brand is unique from any other brand out there, just like you are unique from any other human being out there. its our belief that cannabis is one of gods holy plants that he made to benefit and enrich every part of our lives. 

premium flower grown in southern oregon

fast shipping to your front door

lab tested for purity and potency

fully compliant with hemp farm bill

Starter kit 


shop by vibe

How do you want to feel? Choose a vibe to curate your cannabis experience.



When you're looking for rest and relaxation our peace collection brings the vibes that will put you in the perfect state of bliss.



Cannabis and creativity go hand in hand. Our create collection offers the perfect indica-sativa blends that will give you a boost of energy and open your mind to think freely and creatively.



When its time to get up and make moves or you're just looking to get in a happy, energetic vibe to enjoy your night. Our activate collection is the choice for you.